Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Wet Weekend

Saturday 18th September 2010: St Hilaire FR. 
My cold has not gone, and after waking up at 3am with an hour coughing fit, I am not too happy. The rain continues to pour and because this is an ‘all things that fly’ festival, it has certainly put a dampeners on things. This continues for most of the day and although we try to keep our spirits high, it continues to rain. Rubbish!

Sunday 19th September 2010: St Hilaire FR. 
The rain has stopped for now, but continues throughout the day intermittently. The cold air is still here and it’s a real shame when one of the things you hope will be wonderful turns out not so much. So many people have started to leave now because of the weather and we decide to stay because the weather is looking up and the Pilot is keen to fly tomorrow. 

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