Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Relaxing and taking stock

Tuesday 28th September 2010: Marseillette FR. 
It was lovely to wake up in a real bed this morning. Not that we don’t have a bed in the Snail, but this bed was just glorious. That, and the prospect of having a shower was almost too exciting this morning!

The Pilot’s daily obsession with buying morning bread was fulfilled as he came back to the house with the daily bread. I have to confess I do like it, I just don’t tell him. I know that I have got into the habit of buying too much bread just in case we can’t find a bakery tomorrow, but it doesn’t taste the same after a day. Sshh don’t tell him or it will be all that I hear from now on.

After a day of relaxing and taking stock of things on the computer, we were driven to Peryaic, where my friend has bought a derelict house to redo. She really is amazing, she left the UK, and after many years of being on boats she settled in France to do up a house she bought 5 years ago. She can really build. I think she can do anything! She’s fitting a kitchen in a week and is doing some work with wood and saws over the other side of the road. Wow, what a woman. Anyway, this house that she had bought goes way back from the road inside and has copious amount of rooms and levels and nooks and crannies. I could see the Pilot’s brain ticking away as we walked from room to room with torches and hoped that he was thinking what I was thinking. A house by the lake for me to write and close enough for him to fly around, a place we could do up together, a place we could live in and love in and have a family in. They were my thoughts anyway.

 On the way home we drove past villages lanes to collect figs and almonds to add to the list of ‘free food’ that we are foraging. To date we have collected: walnuts, apples, blackberries, fishes and crabs.

We ended our packed day chatting as we finished off yesterdays lasagne with hot garlic buttered bread. It was a good day. 

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