Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monster Washing Day

Tuesday 21st September 2010: Annecy FR. 
Monster Washing Day is here again. The inside of the Snail is starting to look like a huge spider has come along and weaved cobwebs from one side to the other, all covered in diamond dew drops. Only it hasn’t. The Spider is me and the cobwebs are the many washing lines. The dewy droplets are the countless socks and pants that after being washed, rinsed and spun to an inch of their lives, are under some kind of rehabilitation and hanging there after their trauma. When you usually wash clothes, you shove them in the washing machine, and that’s it. No more commitment to the job. It's a really impersonal task, but actually the washing machine is quiet independent, it doesn’t really require our help. It has been programmed to do everything itself. If only human minds were like that!

Now washing for me, with the portable blue washing machine is a very personal task. For without me, the next stage doesn’t take place. Ok, for 15 minutes, the machine knows to spin, but then, it almost looks at me hoping that I will know what to do next. If only life was this simple. I take the clothes out to rinse them in the sink before dropping them soaked into the spin drier section. The machine seems happy, another 3 minute job and then he has done his job. Yes, a very personal task, perhaps too personal. Maybe that’s my problem. It's always been to personal. Perhaps it’s time I just saw it as a chore.

We decide to stay here a little longer as the weather is better here than the weekend. It gives me enough time to book an ‘appointment’ in order to get organised. No swimming for me if I look like a yeti!

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