Wednesday, 6 October 2010

We need Swiss Money

Tuesday 7th September 2010: Geneva, CH 
Today I slept most of the morning away. After having a few completely random nightmares which obviously means something deep and meaningful, I awoke at 10am. It is the first time that I have slept for so long.

For the past few weeks I have been woken up at 07.30 with the sun and the birds whilst listening to the kettle being put on. The Pilot had competitions so he had to be up in time to listen to the briefing at 09.00. I miss having breakfast with him, and hope that now things are different we can eat together. I always remember the early days when we would eat breakfast together and I would lay the table with the toast and marmalades. Ahhh, good memories!

After last night spending some time on the internet I feel we had gained a little more ‘knowledge’, especially about where to park the Snail. We have found a website which tells campervans where to go, what facilities they have there and what not. It’s a genius find and one which I think will become very valuable as we travel around.

We find that the weather is not too good this morning, and we drive the Pilot’s friend to the airport to see when he can get another flight. On the way we pass a little forest and the Pilot declares he is going mushroom picking so off he goes. I meanwhile, take about 5 minutes to get my ski trousers on, long socks, hiking boots, long jumper, wind stopper jacket, before I’m ever ready to tackle the mushrooms. Did we find any? No, but we did find some slugs who were very intimate with one another. Ewww!

The airport found a flight for his friend for tomorrow, so with the ‘Switzerland Tour’ fully planned, and Nyon not being too far away, we decided to spend the day there and then drive back to take him to the airport in the morning.

We ate lunch at a restaurant; where the boys decided against sightseeing and favoured some fishing. The Pilot and his friend went off, leaving me to look around the place by myself.

It was a quiet tour and although there were a few things to see, nothing really took my fancy. I went to the castle and wrote a postcard to my parents. There were some teenagers enjoying the view and each other’s company whilst I was there. It was good to hear friendly talk. I miss that.

I followed the tour from the map meticulously and went from pillar to post in succession. I don’t know whether it was cold, or I was by myself, or the town wasn’t that exciting for me, or maybe a combination of all three, but I went back to the Snail with plenty of time to spare.

The Pilot arrived with no fish for supper, so we made something else. We drove back to the Geneva Car Park, which was looking more like home now; I could have even put a towel of mine in the toilets! (I didn’t I hasten to add!!). We watched a ‘boy film’ as they outweighed me 2-1, and we watched it whilst the Pilot scratched my back and I ate pistachios. The film was rubbish, typical boy stuff with guns and swords and blood and swearing and sex. But at least the back scratch and the pistachios were good!

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