Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Coup Icare here we come

Thursday 16th September 2010: St Hilaire FR. 
Everyone is getting ready and I can see all the stands gradually taking shape. Things don’t kick off till 2pm though and we sneak in with the stall holders to take a sneaky ‘behind the scenes look’.

The weather looks good today and the Pilot decides to go for a flight as there are free buses to bring him back to the top. I take the opportunity to wander around on my own and find some people to chat with. We meet up with a guy we met in St Andre. He’s Canadian and he has a film on show here about his adventures. Sounds great!

The Pilot returns after a short flight and is satisfied with it for the moment, the weather is apparently going to turn tomorrow. I hope not.

We watch the opening ceremony and it is cold and it has started to rain a bit. I try and remember where my Wellington boots are. I know I brought them, but the Pilot may have chucked them out in the final day of packing as if ‘do we need it’ mentality. I make a mental note to search the garage, even though I haven’t seen them in there. There must be a secret hole in there somewhere.

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