Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday 8th October 2010: Lourdes FR to Ager ESP.
I awoke with more questions than answers today and was no nearer to understanding the things that were to come. I walked back to the grotto in the morning and saw that there had already collected a few thousand people. There was to be a mass for the sick this morning, and people had collected toy celebrate mass together. I saw countless people in wheelchairs and countless people lying on wheeled beds. It was humbling to see all there people here hoping for a cure, hoing for some peace, hoping that they will get better. It was a bit too much for me. They receieved the sacramement for the sick, which involves administering some holy oil. I watched and sat on some cold steps to the left. I couldnt really see anything, but the people around me sang beautifully in French, whilst I hummed the tune as best I could to accompany them.

After the mass had ended I walked to the main gate. Last week in Trebes, I bought an old black and white postcard from 1909. It was of the gate and the statues behind it. Looking at the same view 100 years later, some things had changed, but they mostly remained the same. It was strange taking a photo of the same view and felt almost ghostly.

It was time to leave this beautiful place, and although I hadnt really found the peace I had hoped to find, it gave me time to think. Time to leave France and venture to Spain.

The drive over the Pyrannes wasnt as traumatic as I thought they would be and we arrived in Ager at night. Finding myself in a country where I could eventually communicate me was a great feeling, and because we stopped in front of a bar, I went in and ordered my favourite Spanish tipple. Its called Liqor 43 and it tastes very sweet and of vanilla. I have a picture of me at 3 years old holding the bottle to my lips, and the rest they say is history! t felt good to order something at the bar and have a chat with a few people. My words are understood here and its all I ever want.

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