Wednesday, 6 October 2010

back to Annecy

Monday 20th September 2010: St Hilaire to Annecy FR. 
The rain has stopped finally and there is a bit of sun, only the Pilot is now sick in bed and my cough has got worse.

I cycle to the pharmacy to get him some aspirin and by the time I get back, the field is almost empty apart from one or two camper vans and the weekend that was, it well and truly over.

We drive back to Annecy as the Pilot knows his way around the flying sites there and hope that the rain has gone there too. We arrive and I start to write a story at some benches over the road where we are staying. I take a glass of wine with me and it’s all I need to get writing. I return only when it gets dark and continue writing inside the Snail, although it’s not the same. I like writing outside, there is something about nature that feels neutral and alive. It’s a good muse. I write 13 chapters and wonder where this story is going. It’s not ‘the one’, but it has got something in it. I will watch and wait to see where it is going.

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