Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Morning After

Sunday 5th September 2010: St Andre FR 

The morning after wasn’t too bad, although people had started to leave and so it was looking a bit barren. The signs for the competition are being taken down and it looks like its time for us to move on again.

We walk into the town and there is a wonderful Sunday market on with random sellers selling jewellery, woven baskets and soaps. I love it and would like to buy something, but knowing I will get told off stops me. It doesn’t stop me looking though.

The Pilot decides to go fishing in the afternoon and I sunbathe and read whilst he is catching our supper. It’s a shame that I didn’t know this river was here before because I would have probably spent everyday here. Its cool and I’m glad I have my crocs to wear as I cross the water to the other side. With supper caught, we go back to enjoy it. Although the fish are so tiny, so I make a Spanish Tortilla and some homemade crisps to make more of a meal out of it!

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