Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Time again to move on...

Wednesday 6th October 2010: Marseillette FR.
Its time for me to leave Marseillette, I have managed three days of writing, without sacrificing my outdoor adventures. It’s cold here today and the run this morning wasn’t as welcoming as it was yesterday, although I have gone further today and I still feel good. Day 3 off the sticks too. I just have to avoid all problems and confrontations and I should stay off them...eeep!

I spend the day tidying up the rooms I have used and wait for the Pilot to come and pick me up. He has a 6 hour journey before he gets here, and so I know I still have some time to do some things before he comes.

I know that as of tonight, I will be back to sleeping in a Snail instead of the King size bed I have been laying across like a starfish! I have missed the Snail, but I have been glad of the luxuries I have received here. It has been a good stop gap to give me time to think and time to be. It has been 10 weeks now and things have changed considerably. Not many things have stayed the same. We have about 10 weeks left, so I suppose we are halfway through -halfway through the adventures. I wonder what will happen next?

At about 3pm, I decide to cycle to Capendu. It looks really close on the map, so I suppose it will only take me 10 minutes. I look about a bit and realise that their is either nothing here, or I need to cycle a bit further in. I dont want to cycle for miles today and find nothing there like yesterday, so I hedge my bets for a bit and find a wee shop to buy some essentials.

The cycling away from the place you are staying always seems much better than the cycling back, it feels like an escape I suppose. But as I cycle back, there a a few steep hills. I get off my seat and cycle up them without stopping. I am proud of myself.

I get back and the Pilot sends me a message to say he will be here at midnight. Not quite what I had planned, but there you go. I spend the rest of the evening packing and cleaning the house as best I can.

I take a walk to the bins at about 7.30pm and realise how quiet the canal is. There is no one about, and Im rather sad that its my last night here. The night hasn't set in yet and the sunset has come and gone. I wonder whether this is twilight or dusk, but have no one to tell me. I head back as I know I have a few more things to do before I get picked up. Its been a good week and its time again to move from one place to the next. Spain here I come!


  1. Oh my goodness, Maria! I read all of this last night. It took me one and a half hours!There are some very poignant parts and I could visualise it all. You are on a journey but do you know what the destination is? Do you really want to get there? Tonight I saw Eat, Pray, Love...also about a woman on a journey. All I can say is that I am only doing the "Eat" bit. But then I am not Julia Roberts! What makes me happy is that I haven't done any cooking or housework for three weeks. Good luck on the next leg of the journey in Spain. When you come home in December is that just for a visit or will you be off again afterwards? Anyway, keep up the blog. It is the real work of a writer! xxx

  2. Hi Linda, yes a journey definately, and its very difficult at times. Im always trying to look for the positive, but there are days when its hard. I bought that book the other day and looking forward to reading it. Thanks for your kind words, they do lift me in my quiet times xx