Monday, 18 October 2010

Saturday 9th October 2010: Ager ESP.
Waking up in Spain was great and I decided to start my day by treading on sweet Spanish soil. I put on my running gear and started up the hill. Running through the countryside was amazing. There were little white flowers on my left and tall olive and almond trees to my right. The road I had chosen to run on was now showing me a slight incline and it was hard to continue at times. The only thing that kept me going was thinking how wonderful it would be to run down. And it was! My music was pounding through me and helped me to do what I had hoped to do.

Arriving back at the Snail, I saw the bakery was now open. After buying some bread I had a  quick look around the small village and managed to find some paragliding schools and make some contacts for the Pilot. Back at the snail we went off the meet the instructors at the local bar. With translations made, we drove up to the landing field where the Pilot fly twice and I tidyed up the Snail.

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