Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday 11th October 2010: Ager to Zaragoza ESP.
We left Ager today to travel to Zaragoza. As tomorrow is a fiesta there, we thought it would be a good idea to get there a day earlier.

The parking places were too far away from where we wanted to stay, and so we opted for the city camping site. This way, we could use all of the facilities and it had wifi too, so that would be a bonus.

We parked up and went to catch a bus into the city centre. It was a 20 minute bus ride for 1 euro. When we arrived we followed the people who got off at our stop like sheep for a while, until we consulted the map. The map took us past a wonderful shop which made our eyes water. Here in this shop was Turron. Its a typically sweet spanish sweet which can either be hard of soft. Its made of almonds and nougat and is just wonderful. Usually we have the hard one at home, its the original, but here you could buy all the differnt varieties, and so we did - as presents of course! Ten boxes later and a bag of salted sunflower seeds, a a rucksack now buldging, we were ready to go and see the sights.

Passing an indoor market, we decided to have a look at the Spanish meats and hams. We passed a stall which had Bull meat for sale and two very round vacuumed packed spheres. I dont need to tell you what they were, but I told the Pilot that would be what his would look like if he wasnt good!

We arrived at the town centre and realised that everybody was here too. It was late in the afternoon and we arrived at the Basillica. It was huge! We wandered around for a bit and saw the statue of the Lady of Pillar before thinking of going to sit down for a beer. There was a queue going into a small chapel and I thought I would like to look inside it too. We were standing there for about 15 minutes moving very slowly, when the Pilot asked me what we were queuing for. As we were nearer the entrance, I could see people walking up to a man in the corner and then leaving with different coloured ribbons. We both looked at each other. We had queued in this queue for ages and now I wasnt quite sure what we would be getting at the end. Whilst the  Pilot held our place, I went to the back to ask what we were queing for. I was too embarressed to ask the people behind us! She said that we were queing for ribbons as a reminder of the fiesta. Im telling you, If we werent already so close, I would have left by now, but I did not want my time to be wasted. At least I would have a memory and a lesson learnt. Dont joing a queue unless you know what you are queuing for!!!

When we got there, I asked the man what the colours represented. He told me that they were the different colours of Our Lady's veil at different times of the year. I bought two, one for me and one for my mum, in the colours of the Spanish flag. The Pilot by now was well and truly tired, and so we went to have a drink and play some cards.

After eating most of the salted sunflowers, we went back to see the Basilica at night on our way back to the bus stop. It felt very Spanish to be out at this time and we arrived back at the campsite tired, but filled with the events of the day.

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