Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Sunday 3rd October 2010: Marseillette FR. 
After three alarms going of on my phone, I managed to wake up before 9.00am. I knew that today was Sunday, and I was hoping to get some divine intervention, so I prepared myself to walk to the village church.
As I asked an elderly lady who came out of her house where the church was, all she said was ‘Ferme’. ‘Closed?” I said back to her ‘Today? On a Sunday?’ ‘Ferme’ she repeated. I asked her for the directions anyway, I would sit inside and look around, that would have to be enough. I walked up the stairs to the church to find the door firmly locked. Disappointment set in. The weather was looking a bit cloudy and the wind was picking up. I looked at the notice board to see when the next ‘opening’ would be. Nothing this week at all, and nothing to tell me of next week either. In the next town along there would be something at 10.30am, but I knew that it was 45 minute cycle ride away and I wanted to make that journey tomorrow when the weather was better and I could cycle at my leisure and not get stuck in the rain.

I walked back slowly to the house and found the bread van. My pastry breakfast was eaten along the way and the chocolate felt sweet in my mouth as I ate the corners last. I resigned myself to reading my book and catching up on more writing, punctuated by a bit of painting in-between.

It was a long day and I managed to get a lot done in the space of a short time. By the end of the day I was just purely exhausted. Going to bed early was a good decision and I was able to finish my book in the warmth of the duvet.

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