Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monday again

Monday 13th September 2010: Annecy FR
So, another Monday is here and a new week begins. After the rain and wind last night, the Pilot has decided to have a day off, which to be honest, made me feel much more relaxed after the torn shorts and cuts to his leg.

We have been working down the food that we have, and are trying to buy things on a daily basis, so true to our word, we went to the shops before breakfast to buy just the things that we needed. We did ok, I think! On our way there, we saw a do-it-yourself launderette, perfect for camping cars, which was about 50m away. We even saw the guy and his wife from two days ago who showed us the honesty box. Obviously they were on the move too! I still had the bedding to wash, and I seriously contemplated on whether I could pay 1€ 50 for the privilege. I would have if it was raining, but because it was turning into a real sunny windy day, I took my chances, after all, where we were staying had free water and its all we needed.

So, after a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and onion, the Pilot’s breakfast speciality, I started on mini-monster wash, the sequel. It wasn’t too bad, and the washing was dried in two hours! A record I think!
Another nice thing about parking in these camping car spots is the neighbours you acquire. Some last for only a little while, whilst others stay longer. We had two long camping cars arrive by the side of us, and I waved and practised my French... ‘Bonjour’ and then attempted to pull back all the French conversation from the chasms of my mind. I used to be really good at French. I got an ‘A’ GCSE and was fluent till the age of 16. Now, I spend my days uttering Spanish, Polish and English phrases and it’s no wonder I’m finding things a bit confusing! We had a really nice conversation though, these two couples who were on a ‘retreat’. I must find out if that means the same in English as French. I told them a little about myself and what I was doing. It's really good to meet people and talk to them. I love talking, actually, I love listening, people always have a story to tell.

Apparently the biscuits were 'broken' and had to be eaten immediately...

We had planned to go to Annecy in the afternoon to pick up a new water cap for the snail, after losing it a few days ago. It was a busy place and quite hectic. I think I am getting used to quiet roads and sitting by the side of a river or a lake. Lake Annecy here is beautiful and the waters are so calming. I think I will have to live by one when I settle down; there is a real positive feeling around water for me. I don't know what it is; I suppose I feel healed by them.

Driving back from Annecy, we stopped to buy a new fishing hook for the Pilot’s new hobby. The maggots have long gone from the fridge (thank goodness) and now we have replaced them with a ‘spoon’ on the top of the hook. It looks a big savage to me, and I don't want to think about the poor fish getting caught, but apparently its better than maggots. I will have to take their word for it!

The Pilot keeping an eye on the homemade crisps
After about 45 minutes of no fish catching and then hook losing, we went back to the WIFI spot to call my parents on Skype. It was great to hear from them, and even better to see them. It's in times like these that you really appreciate technology. Seeing my mum and dad over the Internet after so long made me feel a bit better. I have had real pangs for them over the weekend. I suppose it was because my mum was back from Spain after being there for 8 weeks after my Grandmother had passed away. I know that they went to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. It makes me feel sad that I’m never there when there are family get-together. When I was in university, I was always listening to what was happening and Sunday Roasts being shared. I know I am doing other things, but when family is concerned, it’s hard when you’re not there to share the laughter and the memories.

Back at the ‘Aire’, we settled down to a meal of Tortilla and salad, accompanied by some red wine. We decided to have a night off from the movies, and we played ‘Escoba’, until the wine was impairing our counting ability! 

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