Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Well, its Tuesday, but it really could be any day. The sun is shining and its nearly 1pm. Everyone who goes to fly has now left the field and its the women who are left to 'get on' with their daily tasks. Me? Ive already done them. Washing done, floor swept, emails checked.

There is a lady in the next campervan who says she wants to do some painting today, so Ive got my stuff ready so when she calls me I'll go over there. Something to to!


  1. Sounds fun! You'll miss it when it's over! I wish somebody would call me to do something with them! Did you paint something nice? And the story? How is it coming on? Anyway, have fun because it's English winter soon! L xxx

  2. It amuses me because you sound like a nomadic tribe...all the men go off to hunt - or whatever they have to do in the day - while the womenfolk stay behind at the encampment. Do you all sit round the camp fire at night and tell stories? Is there a hierarchy with a chief?! When you get fed up with the painting you could weave some baskets! L xxx